Our residents often discover a new beginning when they stay with us, meeting new friends and enjoying both companionship and shared experiences. The Manor at Lake Morton is a place where independence thrives but assistance is only a call away. The philosophy of care developed and embraced by our team centers on caring for residents like family members and recognizing and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual.

We invite you to see what residents at some of our other properties say about us:

“I had the privilege of being at The Manor for the last six days in a row visiting my mom, Helen. This visit reconfirmed to me what a special place this is. The staff was so gracious. The management team was, in a word, AMAZING! Every day I am thankful that God opened this door for our family and my mother. The Manor and its devoted staff make a huge difference in each resident’s life. Feeling very grateful and blessed!”Lynn K., family member
“The Manor provided loving and compassionate care to my mother and our family. This allowed me to be a daughter, and not a nurse to my mother. I will forever be grateful.”Diane W., family member